Strelitzia nicolai (Bird of Paradise)
Strelitzia nicolai (Bird of Paradise)

Strelitzia nicolai (Bird of Paradise)

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A plant that needs no introduction, the iconic, paddle shaped leaves of the Strelitzia arch upwards elegantly like a fountain. This species is the taller one with white flowers (our personal favourite), although it's unlikely to flower at home. Strelitzia ideally need some direct sunlight to be happy, and will be grateful for fertiliser during warmer months.

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Genus: Strelitzia
Species / Cultivar: nicolai


Southern Africa


Direct to bright indirect
Allow top 4-5 cm of substrate to dry between waterings
Low: but keep away from pets and children
Care tips
The substrate can dry between waterings but when it's time for a drink be generous, soaking the root ball thoroughly and deeply. Make sure the roots are never sitting in water for a long period of time.

Use some fertiliser during warmer months (little and often is best for consistent growth) Water less frequently during colder months.

Using a damp cloth, gently dust the large leaves frequently.