• Consultancy

    Get us involved during the design phase and we’ll assist with those all-important project details. It’s what we do, and it’s those fine points that give your plants the best chance of success. 

    Perhaps you’d like to optimise your existing space and need some inspiration. We do that, too. We’ve worked on a vast variety of sites: all those design and operational details come factored-in with our proposals and recommendations.
  • Design

    Want to see your ideas come to life on paper? We’re fluent in the language of design (and plants). You’ll see an inspirational plant scheme tailored to you, your space and your brand vision come to life. 

    We can offer a detailed visualisation of your whole project along with a complete schedule of all the items we supply so that you can see what you're getting, and get excited!
  • Installation

    Our finely-tuned installation techniques have been honed and perfected over time so that we can promise a seamless service. Preparatory management is crucial, and agility on-site essential. We prep as much as possible off-site in order to minimise our presence and impact on the day of installation. 

    Detail focused and ever-resourceful, each member of our expert team is discreet, efficient and well-accustomed to working against the clock (and under pressure…it happens!)
  • Maintenance

    We're gardeners. We know plants. We love them. Our team of maintenance experts work tirelessly so that your plants continue to thrive and look great, enhancing your envirionment long-term.

    As part of our full service maintenance package, all costs are covered giving you peace of mind and planning security.

Our approach

At Underleaf we believe that all spaces can be transformed with beautiful plant schemes. Grounded in the principle of ‘right plant, right place’, we focus on supplying plants that will not only look good, but thrive in their given environment. With this in mind, our founding director, Julia, launched Underleaf in 2014 and this ethos is the green tendril that runs through everything we’ve done since. 

Plants and green spaces enrich life for us all, wherever we find ourselves. In a busy workspace a collection of beautiful indoor plants might soothe and calm us, livening our days and improving not just air quality but productivity as well. A lush terrace cafe will be a vital oasis away from the thrumming streets nearby: people just seem to want to linger around plants. So they’re good for business, too. 

Plants create pockets of privacy, intimacy and sanctuary in any environment, but it's important to emphasise that we don’t just use them cosmetically or for disposable decoration. Every one of our plants, from dainty shrub to towering tree, is selected especially for each environment and the greatest care is taken when assessing their placement and care. That way, the green spaces we create don't just look amazing from installation, they continue to develop for years. Evolving, thriving and maturing plant schemes that endure are the best kind and for us, the only kind.

Our offer...


Indoor plants

Indoor plants bring the green inside, and add vibrancy to your interior. Enhancing beautiful spaces with botanics is our passion, and our knowledge of tropical plants is an obsession. These are our personal favourites and we supply top-quality specimens hand-picked by us. From tried and tested stalwarts to the unusually exotic, there’s an indoor plant to suit almost any space.

Outdoor plants

We firmly believe that even a small splash of green (so many shades) lifts any urban space. Imagine a bigger splash… Year-round seasonal colour and interest is our speciality, and our outdoor plant schemes are tailored perfectly to you and your site. We select and supply the highest quality plants and, as expert gardeners and plants people, we know just what to put where.

Artificial plants

Sometimes a space just isn’t suited for the demands of a living plant, so our artificial foliage is the way to go. Top-notch faux plants (the kind we supply) are hard to distinguish from the real thing when done the right way.  We’ve delivered countless schemes, injecting an essential botanical flourish into high shelving, high-traffic spaces and other challenging spots. And some deeply shaded, very seductive and glamorous bars, too.

Bespoke solutions

Delivering professionally and passionately designed plant schemes is what we do. To support our plants offer, we also love working on bespoke planting solutions. Colour-matching? Unique fixtures and fittings? One-off show-stopping planters from artisan makers, sourced from all over the globe? That’s us. Talk to us about your unique project and we’ll tailor-make it just for you.