Calling all designers, we speak your language

With a passion for plants and an eye for design, we create stunning plant schemes across the whole gamut of uses: work, hospitality, retail and living. Years in the industry working closely with designers have taught us how to deliver a unique look to elevate each individual space. We offer internal and external planting, as well as faux plants and a huge range of planters from various high quality producers. In fact our ability to deliver high quality plant schemes for both indoor and outdoor spaces is what sets us apart from other companies. Get in touch below if you'd like to discuss your next project.

Looking for more than your ordinary greenery?

Not content with churning out the same look, we apply our creative touch to find the right plants and planters for your space. And with our tailored recommendations you’ll get as much green for your buck as possible. Our services include;
  • Supply of high quality indoor plants in all shapes and sizes 
  • Supply of high quality outdoor plants for all locations whether it's reliable evergreens or herbaceous perennials for summer colour 
  • Interesting and unusual pots and planters from a huge range of quality producers
  • Bespoke planting solutions if you're looking to explore something unique 
  • A site consulation followed up with a tailored schedule of options for your space 
  • A comprehensive maintenance service undertaken by trained professionals 
To get the ball rolling, simply drop us a line with what you have in mind and we’ll organise a site viewing to discuss your requirements in more detail. From boutique workspaces to large corporate offices, we’ve got it covered.

Our take on Biophilia

Our own take on ‘Biophilic Design’ is based on creating spaces that enable urban workers and city dwellers to have a meaningful connection with nature. ‘Biophilia’ is defined as an affinity with life and natural living systems that sits deeply within all humans. As gardeners and designers we are uniquely placed, not just with our knowledge of plants and their care but, also how to incorporate them successfully into the built environment.

Plants and green spaces enrich life for us all, wherever we find ourselves. In a busy workspace a collection of beautiful indoor plants might soothe and calm us, livening our days and improving not just air quality but productivity as well. A lush terrace cafe will be a vital oasis away from the thrumming streets nearby. People just seem to want to linger around plants so, they’re good for business too. 

Plants create pockets of privacy, intimacy and sanctuary in any environment, but it's important to emphasise that we don’t just use them cosmetically or for disposable decoration. Every one of our plants, from dainty shrub to towering tree is selected especially for each environment and the greatest care is taken when assessing their placement and care. Right plant, right place. That way, the green spaces we create don't just look amazing from installation, they continue to develop for years. Evolving, thriving and maturing plant schemes that endure are the best kind and for us, the only kind.