Philodendron Painted Lady

Said to be named after the prettily-splashed markings of those elegant, arrow-shaped leaves. Gloriously golden when they first emerge, the eye-catching tones mature into a palette of rich green, lime and yellow. Combined with the striking ruby pink of the stems, this philodendron is a real work of art. 

A hybrid of interesting and shady origins, its true parentage is a tantalising and oft-debated mystery. Regardless, this specimen is a joy to grow.

This plant's natural instinct is to climb (in Greek, philo= love, dendron= tree). Over time, a moss pole or sturdy support can be given to encourage this inclination. 

This Philodendron prefers to be kept on the drier side, so check the soil regularly, and allow to dry before watering. When watering, give the plant a deep and thorough drench, allowing water to reach the deepest part of the pot. Ensure that the plant is never sitting in excess liquid: drain thoroughly and do not water again until the top half of the soil is dry. 

Given its parent's origins in warm, understory forest settings, position your Painted lady in bright, indirect-light away from hot windowsills or cold corners.



Species / Cultivar ‘Painted Lady’

Category Aroid


South America & the Caribbean


Semi-shade - Bright indirect


Allow top 5-6 cm of substrate to dry between waterings


Toxic: keep away from pets

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