Pleomele (Dracaena) reflexa 'Song of Jamaica'

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Height (cm)
  • 195
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For impact and sculptural drama, this well-behaved tree is ideally-suited to a bright, warm space. Basking in the gentle, sunny climate of coastal areas, this specimen brings more than a touch of the Tropics to your home. Tightly-packed glossy leaves, with a slow but steady growth, form branches that twist over time. Each tree is unique, characterful and one of a kind.

Traditional practitioners of folk medicine in Madagascar believe an extract from this tree can cure Malaria, dysentery and poisonings of all kinds. Fascinating, but should you come down with a sudden Malarial fever, we recommend a more conventional approach first.

An adaptable tree with modest watering requirements it's naturally drought-resistant. The top few cm of substrate should be allowed to dry out between drinks. Water deeply, and thoroughly, allowing all excess to drain away. Being rather adept at holding-on through dry spells, it will certainly be happier on the dry side.

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Genus: Pleomele (Dracaena) Species / Cultivar: reflexa 'Song of Jamaica' Category: Asparagaceae / Specimen tree


Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius


Bright indirect / some direct
Water regularly but allow the soil to dry between waterings
Care tips
A bright location is preferred: close to an East or West-facing window is ideal. The leaves can scorch if positioned in direct, summer sun.